What to Pack for a Beach Getaway

“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise”

– Emilia Wickstead

Who is excited to spend days at the beach this summer? I only wish I lived closer to the beach but alas Colorado is way too far from the ocean. I’m hoping to plan one quick beach getaway this summer though.

Thinking about days at the beach is making me want summer right now! And if you’re planning your next beach getaway, I’ve got some cute pieces for you that are absolute musts.

(All these pieces below are linked on my Like to Know It. Chat with me if you have any questions!)



Of course you can’t go on a beach getaway without an adorable swimsuit packed! This leopard print bikini is perfect for the stylish girl who can’t get enough of this print. If you’re not a fan of leopard print, go find yourself a swimsuit that you’ll love showing off at the beach!


Sunscreen is another no brainer for a beach getaway. No one wants to go home all sun burned…no ma’am! I typically use SPF 30 since I don’t need tons of coverage but seriously…never EVER forget to put on sunscreen when you’re out in the sun all day.


When you’re walking back to the car or beach house, you definitely need some cute shoes. These sandals are perfect for walking through the sand and of course snakeskin is super trendy right now. Everyone will be super envious of your super cute sandals!

Cover up

I definitely need some new cover ups this summer but I do love this green romper as a cover up. It’s super cute, breathable and really easy to take off when you’re about to head into the water. You can always wear a dress, kimono or kaftan cover up if that’s more your style, but I’m obsessed with rompers so this is my fave!

I’d love to hear if you’re heading out on a beach getaway this summer. Leave a comment down below, ladies!

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10 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Beach Getaway”

  1. Love this guide! Hoping for a beach vacay this summer, I should prob get planning! This is perfect for all my pool trips!

  2. I need a beach vacation like right now! The swimsuit in the picture is so cute and I love the idea of a romper as a cover-up!

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