What Blogging Has Taught Me

What Blogging Has Taught Me

“Blogging is not rocket science. It’s about being yourself and putting what you have into it.”

So it’s definitely been a while! Over the last couple months, work has been super busy, I adopted an adorable dog named Mika and I went to see my boyfriend graduate from Air Force basic training. Yeah…a lot has been going on! But I’m getting back to blogging again YAY

Recently, I celebrated 1 year of Roses + Rouge, which is pretty awesome! But this ain’t my first blog rodeo. I’ve actually had 4 blogs over the last 10 years! I started a blog when I was 13 all about theatre (in case you didn’t know, I grew up acting, singing and dancing). Years later during freshman year of college, I started a personal blog that was honestly more of a rant session about my life. Fast forward one year later and I started my very first beauty blog for 2 years. That was actually the longest I’ve kept up with a blog (it’s hard y’all)!

I’ve learned quite a lot from blogging, which I wanted to share with you all:

  1. If you need a break, take one! – Yes, I’ve taken breaks before when I wasn’t feeling inspired or life got too busy. Everyone needs a little break once in a while and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just like in life, don’t get too overwhelmed…after all, it’s just a blog.
  2. But at the same, perseverance is key – I’ve given up on 3 blogs before because I got bored or just didn’t make the time for myself to write anymore. But make time for yourself and look for inspiration, and of course keep persevering. The more you persevere, the more successful your blog will be. Keep at it and you’ll be amazed at how successful you’ll be!
  3. Blogging teaches you time management – Fortunately, I’ve always been really great at managing my time but blogging has helped me refine this skill. It’s such an important skill for everyone…seriously! Blogging has taught me to set aside time for myself every week for photo shooting, writing and content creation. I’ll say it again: make time for your blog!
  4. Running a blog takes an eye for design – Unless you can shell out tons of cash to hire a graphic designer, you’ll most likely have to design your own site. My blogs have never been the fanciest but having that eye for design has helped me create successful blogs. This design is by far my favorite I’ve ever had!
  5. Your blog is never a finished product – Just like in life, always keep improving! When you settle with your blog, you’ll never find the success you want. Getting bored with the layout or design? Change it up! Need a new topic for your blog? Write, sister!

Blogging is something I’ll always love to do and I’m sure I’ll start a bunch of other blogs down the road. I do have to say that Roses + Rouge has been most successful so far and I’ve had the most fun with this one!

What blogging lessons have you learned?


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I think Life’s Little Musings is the third blog I’ve had! I think this one is “the one” though. With the other ones, I didn’t really understand what I wanted out of it or what I really wanted to write about. But now I’ve found my own corner of the internet that feels like home 🙂 I totally understand!

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