Just FYI: this page is a continuous work in progress, so bear with me! I will constantly add and remove brands I recommend to this page, whether I’m an affiliate or not. Not sure what an affiliate is? Find out more here!

PS: My affiliate programs will be marked with this little guy *


*Kopari Beauty – Usually not a fan of coconuts as a food/flavor BUT this is one of my favorite beauty brands ever! I recently became an ambassador for this brand and I legit love every product I’ve ever tried from them. Every product has coconut oil in it which is ideal for anyone with dry skin. LOVE! *I’m new to the program so discount code coming soon*

Drunk Elephant – This is more of a pricey brand but their products are so worth it! I especially love their serums because I have such dry skin. For some reason, their serums are the only ones that really work for my skin. They have some really great moisturizers too. Plus I love their brand name!

Laneige – You will love this brand if you’re into Korean beauty. Their sleeping masks are by far the best ones around, especially the lip ones. Another great brand for anyone with dry skin like me. I’m hoping to try their cleansing products next, but for now I will talk very highly of their masks!

*Beauty Chews – I was approached by the founder of this brand to give them a whirl and I love these vitamins! They taste like fruit punch and they keep my skin looking gorgeous every day. I’ve really gotten into vitamins in the last 6 months and these gotta be some faves of mine!


Asos – One of my favorite online retailers by far! They carry some really expensive brands like Ted Baker and then they have some more affordable brands like Boohoo. I love the variety of styles you can find at Asos and even though it’s all online, my orders show up pretty quickly considering it’s a British-based company. This has been a step up for me from my days shopping exclusively at Forever 21!

Qupid – My shoe obsession has only gotten worse since I’ve discovered Qupid! Probably about half of my shoes are from here because they have the BEST shoes and they’re never very expensive. They have sales A LOT too, like at least once a week. They’re also 100% online but they’re lightning fast with orders!

H&M – So this is definitely a mainstream brand at this point but you gotta admit they have some great stuff! I will always love them for their low prices, good quality and fast fashion styles. If you want some basics, they have some great options in that department too.

Amazon – Ok I never used to think of Amazon as a go-to place for cute clothes but OH MY GOD! You can find such adorable pieces for such a low price. You’ve probably even seen a lot of Amazon pieces all over Instagram since it’s all the rage now. You gotta check em out!

Dairy-Free Products

Kite Hill – I cannot get ENOUGH of their delicious products! My favorite product from them is their chive cream cheese. Seriously, it tastes just like the real thing! All of their products taste so close to actual dairy so if you’re lactose intolerant and you’re missing dairy, go check this brand out. You can find them at Sprouts and Whole Foods!

Follow Your Heart – Another cool brand you can find at Sprouts and Whole Foods. My favorite thing about them is the different cheeses they have. I love getting their slices and using them for paninis…the slices melt just as well as actual cheese! That’s pretty awesome, right?

Califia Farms – I legit refuse to drink anyone else’s cold brew because Califia Farms nails it! Many of their cold brews come with almond milk (there’s one or two that have no milk). Also they definitely have the best dairy-free eggnog! Whenever people ask for dairy-free recommendations, this is always one of the first brands I mention.

Blogger Stuff

*SiteGround – Alright so I used WordPress for a loooong time but got fed up. It’s impossible to use any of the plugins unless you pay a lot for the business plan…so ridiculous! I love SiteGround because you can self host your blog, get all the cool plugins and not spend a lot of money. Go check them out and change your blogging game forever!

Canva – I learnd about Canva actually from my sister (thanks, Ashley!) and it seriously changed everything for me. If you’re not much of a graphic designer, Canva makes it so easy for you to design cool graphics for your blog, social media or whatever you need. I’ve made some really pretty designs on Canva without paying a cent. You can also upgrade to a paid plan, but totally up to you. Cannot recommend this site enough!

Boss Girl Bloggers – This lady right here is a total girlboss! I’ve been following her since I started Roses + Rouge and I seriously admire her. Her blog has tons of great tips for building your blog empire. I’ve taken two of her courses now, which have greatly helped my blog traffic. And she’s also a total sweetheart, so yeah…her site is pretty awesome!