Rent The Runway: Worth It or Not?

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

– Edith Head


Ok I’ll be totally honest: I always thought clothing subscriptions were pointless. Just go to the store or online and buy something, dammit! But I gotta say I’m so glad I gave Rent The Runway a chance.

When I first heard about RTR, all I knew was that they carried designer brands and most women used them to rent dresses for events. Little did I know that Rent The Runway has options for everyday style too! How cool is that?

Thanks to my friend Katie (please go check out her blog…she is AMAZING), I got to try Rent The Runway for free for one month. I am so grateful to her for sending me that code and officially getting me hooked on RTR!

So let’s dive right in to the review:

So…what is Rent The Runway?

For those of you who don’t know, Rent The Runway is a really great site that allows you to rent four designer pieces at a time. You can buy pieces if you really love them and return ones you don’t for a fresh set of items. Pretty cool concept if you ask me!

What’s the subscription service like?

Honestly I think subscribing monthly to RTR is totally worth it. They offer a couple different plans: RTR Update and RTR Unlimited. Here’s a closer look at what each includes

  • Update: Refresh your wardrobe once a month, BUT you can also swap out one item per month
  • Unlimited: Refresh your wardrobe as much as you want AND you get unlimited swaps

I got to try Unlimited and loved how often I could change up my pieces without paying an arm and a leg for a new designer piece. I will say, though, that Unlimited is a little pricey but for what you get, the price is worth it.

Are the designer brands worth it?

100% yes! There are definitely a number of brands that I don’t recognize but that’s what makes it fun. You get to try a bunch of amazing designers but you don’t end up using a whole paycheck to buy something. Here are just a few of the awesome brands Rent The Runway has:

  • Kate Spade
  • Tory Burch
  • Diane von Furstenberg
  • Ted Baker
  • Proenza Schouler

And so many more! Seriously…it’s insane how many brands RTR offers.

What is the clothing like?

Basically from my dream closet! All the pieces I have tried are so gorgeous and really high quality, which you should definitely expect from top designers. I actually swapped two items from my first shipment because they weren’t exactly my style. But the two new pieces I got are so fabulous!

Overall what I like about Rent The Runway is how many different styles they cater to. Whether your style is preppy, high fashion, grunge or more classic, I guarantee you will find clothes that you will fall in love with. RTR really has it all: everyday pieces, work clothes, formal wear…you name it, you can probably find it at RTR.

I’m sure you’re all dying to see the pieces I picked out so here you go (PS I also linked all of these items on my Like To Know It profile. Click on each pic to shop):


Samantha Sipos Raisin Ribbed Biker Leather Jacket

I instantly fell in love with this jacket when I got it. It is the perfect leather jacket for work, casual days and going out. I am so glad I found this jacket because I’ve been dying to find a leather jacket that’s not black and I finally found one!


Tibi Egg Blue Corset Top

This is such a pretty top for you working girls! I am obsessed with the bell sleeves and the color is to die for. The material also isn’t super thick, so it’ll be perfect for a spring work outfit. So cute, right?


Slate & Willow Grey Bell Sleeve Sweater

More bell sleeves? Yes please! I swapped another piece to get this sweater and I’m so glad I did. I especially love the pink details on the sweater. It looks so pretty with the grey…LOVE IT!


Black Halo Kaitlyn Mini Dress

Another piece that I swapped for and again so happy I got this cute little dress. It’s another great piece for work or for date night. I really love the bold floral print too…so chic and so fun!

These items are all so fabulous and they each really solidified my love for Rent The Runway!

Any downsides to Rent The Runway?

Price is one of the cons. It is a tad expensive ($89/month for Update, $159/month for Unlimited) but when you consider that you’re getting designer pieces, it’s a great deal. The really cool thing about this is you can change up your wardrobe all the time and be super stylish.

The only other con for me is honestly also a pro: I love these pieces so much that I don’t want to exchange them. At the same time, the leather jacket is a bit too expensive for me to justify buying it. Yes, Rent the Runway lets to buy your pieces at a discount but with more expensive pieces, it can still be a tough pill to swallow. But RTR came through and I got some amazing items, so I don’t really have any major complaints.

What’s the final word?

Rent The Runway is completely worth it! If you don’t like buying new clothes all the time and want to freshen up your closet, subscribe to RTR and your life will change. I know that sounds dramatic but I swear by Rent The Runway’s services.

I actually decided to stay with them for at least a couple more months to test it out further. I really love it and want to keep trying out new pieces. I may even post a follow up review later on to let you know if I find anything else I love/don’t love about RTR.

If you ever have any questions about Rent The Runway, hit me up and I’d be happy to answer!


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28 thoughts on “Rent The Runway: Worth It or Not?”

  1. I love rent the runway! I have worn some gorgeous gowns to my boyfriends army balls. So perfect for that occasion because that’s all I have that is extremely formal to go to.

  2. I love the pieces that you got!! I want to try it out but I never go anywhere that special! 🤣

  3. Loved reading your take on RTR! So, interesting to see how it fits different styles and persons! I also LOVED the dress you shared!

  4. Wow!! I have not heard of a subscription like this!! Totally interested and going to check them out! Sounds amazing!!! I love new clothes !! Thank you for sharing

  5. I love the idea of Rent the Runway and I’m glad you reviewed it so I can really know what it’s like! It definitely seems like a good deal since all the pieces you get are designer!

  6. I’d never heard of this, so glad you shared your experience. I’m super intrigued now, looking into it as we speak! 🙂

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