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My Fourth of July Traditions


Happy (almost) Fourth of July! It’s SO crazy that it’s already July, right? We celebrate this holiday to celebrate our freedom here in America. But we all think of the Fourth of July as a day to barbecue spent at the pool with family and friends, and of course a night of fireworks. Even though it’s not quite like Christmas, I know a lot of people have their own traditions for this holiday. So I thought I’d share some that my family has had in years past:

Eating all the barbecue food

I know this one isn’t all that unique, but hey you can’t go wrong with barbecue, right? One year, I remember my mom went all out and got some ribs for super cheap and we basically pigged out. Every year since, I always look forward to eating all the food (especially when ribs are involved).

Watching 1776

Anyone else love this movie? Growing up, I was  HUGE musical theatre fan, so my dad made it a tradition for us to watch this movie every year on the Fourth of July. I feel like this movie should be a must for everyone since it’s a great musical that all leads up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Plus it has some super catchy songs!

Drinking…of course!

We’re not alcoholics by any means BUT my family does enjoy kicking back with a great drink on the fourth! If you know me, you’ll know that my go to is usually a craft beer, but there are some fun Fourth of July cocktails you can try too. If you’re looking for some cool ideas, check out these picks from Mix that Drink!

Heading to parades

We don’t do this one anymore, but when Ashley and I were younger, we would go to Wisconsin to visit family for the Fourth of July and we’d always go to parades there. The best part was when the floats would throw candy at us…you can;t say no to free candy as a kid!

What are some of your traditions for the fourth?

I hope all of you have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Suja Drinks: Worth It or Not?


I’ve been trying out different juices and “healthier” drinks lately from Sprouts (which by the way is one of my favorite stores). Honestly, I’ve been working on being healthier overall for a while now, and these Suja drinks have been a great addition to my daily routine.

Curious about Suja? Read on to find out my thoughts on these drinks! (You can also check out the below drinks on my LTKI page. Shop away, chicas!)


Ok, so what is Suja?

Suja has a variety of drinks to help you feel your best: everything from kombucha and cold-pressed juice to wellness shots and probiotic vinegar juices. Hell, if you’re REALLY obsessed, you can also buy a subscription box from Suja’s website!

All their products are non-GMO, USDA certified organic and vegan. My favorite part about that is I never have to worry about any dairy ingredients in their drinks, so I’ll never get sick from these juices!

What have I tried?

I’m still pretty new to the brand, but so far here’s what I’ve tried:

I’d have to say my favorite so far has been the lemon cayenne flavor. It tastes just like spicy lemonade, which isn’t for everyone but is definitely for me!

I also really loved the probiotic watermelon juice. It can be challenging to find probiotic products that are vegan, so when I can find something, I usually end up loving it! Plus who doesn’t love watermelon?

I wasn’t a big fan of the noon greens flavor, though. I’m not used to tasting raw greens, which is exactly what you get with this juice. Not a pleasant flavor for a juice to me! But hey, I’m sure some of y’all would love it.

Even though I’m not a huge kombucha fan, I’d love to try Suja’s kombucha next!

What’s the final word on Suja?

Suja is AMAZING! My only complaint would be the price. At my local Spouts, these drinks are typically $4. Sure, the drinks are worth it but I do wish these were a bit cheaper, especially since I always try to buy a bunch at once!

Other than that, no real cons to me. I always feel great after I drink of these! The probiotic ones are especially great for your gut and make you feel amazing after drinking. Totally 1000% worth it!

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