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The Best Spring Beauty Products

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

– Coco Chanel

With spring in full swing, I can’t help but think about my favorite beauty products for this season. Getting out those fruity-scented lotions and bright makeup gets me so hyped for summer!

Here are some of my absolute favorite spring beauty products:

(You can shop all these products on Like to Know It by clicking the image or going on the app and following me! If you have any questions about LTKI, feel free to message me)


Bath & Body Works Fresh Sea Salt Mango Fragrance Mist

Guys this is seriously the best scent ever! I’m a huge fan of everything Bath & Body Works, so I had to include one of their awesome fragrances. The mango scent is so summery and makes me feel like I’m headed for vacation…sounds like a great spring scent to me!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in KDubs

This lip color is amazing for spring! The lipstick is long lasting, super pigmented and never dries out your lips. But the best part is the color! It’s a brighter pink, which I’m all about this spring. If you want to try something different for your makeup, KDubs is the perfect spring beauty product for you!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I’ve gotta admit: when I first heard about this product, I thought it was so overrated. Once I tried it, I finally understood why everyone raves about it. The scent is incredible and it is incredibly moisturizing. If you have dry skin (especially in spring and summer), you will be head-over-heels in love with this body cream!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

Honestly this palette has been my go to since I got it for Christmas, but I think it’s an especially great spring beauty staple. The shadows are all very pink and fun for warm spring days. And as with all UD palettes, the shadows are very pigmented, have very little fall out and they blend so beautifully!

What are your favorite spring beauty products this year?

My Hair Color Journey

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”

I don’t talk enough about my hair here, but it’s such a huge part of my life! I’ve been coloring my hair for the last 9 years and honestly can’t imagine not doing it.

I first decided to color my hair the summer before I started high school. I desperately wanted to be a blonde, so of course I convinced my mom to let me change my hair color. So let’s take a little journey and check out all my crazy hair colors!

I’ve been asked SO many times what my natural hair color is, so I thought I’d share a little blast from the past (this is me in middle school…YIKES):

Definitely had a dirty blonde/light brown hair color going on, which I totally don’t miss!

I’m going to skip all my pics from high school because 1. I deleted basically all of them off of social media and 2. this post will end up being WAAAAY too long. Let’s jump ahead to my college days!

I started off college with a dark brown color (which for some reason I can’t find any pics of), so I was still in my normal hair phase. Then I dyed my hair bright purple and blue for a musical I was in (if you didn’t know, I started college as a theatre major).

A little hard to see this hair color but it was pretty crazy and I only had it for about a month!

Then I went back to a somewhat normal hair color: dark burgundy/auburn, which was super pretty and I honestly might go back to it soon:

Going into sophomore year of college, I decided to be bold again and tried bright red for the first time. And I seriously LOVED this color (and what an adorable haircut right?)

I kept this hair color for a while that year until I decided to go completely black. It was such a giant change for my hair because I had never had darker hair than a dark brown color. So crazy but I totally felt like Snow White, especially with that short do!

I was totally missing my burgundy hair around this time, so I decided to add some back into the mix. I did really like this color but it’s a bit too dark for me now:


(Side note: can we talk about that blue lip? I was really into bold, crazy makeup for most of college. But I totally rocked the blue lipstick, I think!)

Ok this is where I started getting back to crazy with my hair! So I wanted to do rose gold hair my junior year, which of course meant bleaching the sh*t out of my locks. Unfortunately, because I already had some red left over in my hair, the rose gold actually turned out to be more orange than anything. SO awful!


It was definitely not my greatest hair color but at the time, I had lots of fun with it. My next hair color wasn’t a favorite for me either, but it was cool when I had it. Silver hair was trendy then, so I gave it a whirl!


But as I tend to do, I got bored and wanted to do something crazy again. That’s when I dyed my hair bright ass purple again!


So much fun, right? Only issue is…purple hair dye gets on EVERYTHING (so does red, by the way)! I really loved the purple hair but decided to bring in some black again to make kind of an ombre effect with my hair:


I did love this color too because you could really only see the purple when the light hit it just right.

Now remember how I said the silver hair wasn’t my best look? Well in college, I clearly loved cause I went from purple on my ends to silver again:


I will admit: my hair did look cool when I would first get the silver touched up, but it always faded to such a gross color! And I was really missing the red hair so I added some dark red to my ends instead


This is not too far off of my current hair color…I just have a brighter red in my hair now (which, by the way, is my favorite hair color I’ve ever done)! Here’s my hair today:


I love how bright the red is! I’ve had this for a while now (a year and a half, which is long for me) and I definitely plan to stick with this. I’m even considering adding more red to my hair to make it pop even more!

(PS: I’ve been getting my hair done at Ulta for years now and I love it!)

Which hair color was your favorite?