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Treat Yo Self, Girl!

“Treat. Yo. Self.”

– Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation

Who else can’t get enough of Parks and Recreation? Everything about this show is flawless, but one of my absolute favorite things is Tom and Donna’s annual Treat Yo Self day.

So ok, let’s say you’ve never seen or heard of the show (ummm ARE YOU CRAZY?) Let me quickly explain what treating yo self means…anything you want it to be! Whether you love bubble baths and face masks or just going to a baseball game and pigging out, a Treat Yo Self day is about YOU. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to. You can make it a whole day of free activities and still feel refreshed!

So why take time to treat yo self? I take one day a week to treat myself to relieve stress and feel good about myself. There’s nothing better than doing something I love after a long week. Everyone will have a different reason for a Treat Yo Self day, so whatever that is, do it! You’ll feel renewed and happy you did it!

Not sure what to do for a Treat Yo Self day? Some of my favorite free ideas are:

  1. Take a nice long bath with candles (and a glass of wine, if you’re into that)
  2. Throw on a face mask
  3. Do a little yoga
  4. Make a cup of green tea and watch something funny (maybe one of the treat yo self episodes of Parks and Rec)
  5. Girl, put your records on and crank up the tunes

If you’re willing to spend some dough:

  1. Take yourself shopping and buy that dress, jacket, top, etc. that you’ve been eyeing for months
  2. Go buy yourself some comfort food or a coffee
  3. Catch a movie you’ve been dying to see
  4. Get a fresh haircut, color or blowout
  5. Buy some fresh flowers for yourself

No matter how you treat yo self, remember it’s about being kind to yourself. So pamper yourself like the queen you are!

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How Cutting Dairy Has Changed My Skin

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”

– RenĂ©e Rouleau

WHAT?!?!? How could anyone ever say no to dairy?

Unless you’re vegan, it seems crazy to give up dairy. But what if you can’t eat it for health reasons like me?

Over two years ago, I started having issues with dairy (I swear, I won’t get graphic about this). I eventually tried out pills for lactose intolerance and yes they did work…but only for a few months. Once they stopped working, I had to decide whether to suck it up and eat all the cheese I wanted or give it up altogether. I decided to cut ties with dairy and stop suffering.

I will say it has been hard to not eat anything with cheese or milk. But guess what the best part is? My skin has improved immensely since I went dairy free.

I lucked out in puberty and never got acne until I turned 17. But from 17 on, my acne was pretty bad. I tried almost everything to get rid of it but to no avail. After giving up dairy a year ago, I’ve thrown out all my acne products. I rarely, if ever, get those pesky red bumps on my face anymore!

In the year I’ve been without dairy, I’ve noticed a little extra glow to my skin. Sure, part of it may be due to my rigorous skincare routine, but even before I quit dairy, my skin didn’t look so great even after several skincare products. My skin has never looked healthier, and I have my dairy-free lifestyle to thank for that!

Even if you don’t have issues with dairy, try eliminating it for a week or two. You’ll be surprised by the results! And as an added bonus, there are actually some really great dairy alternatives out there (pssst go check out a couple of my favorite brands: Follow Your Heart and Kite Hill).

Step out of your comfort zone and try dairy-free livin’!

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