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Fall Boots for All

“Putting on fierce boots is an instant pick-me-up!”

– Nina GarcĂ­a

Just a few of the amazing booties in my closet currently: Black booties – Nasty Gal (no longer available, but here are some similar ones); Truffle Collection checked booties – Asos; snakeskin booties – Qupid; berry booties – Forever 21 (no longer available, but check out this pair)

Fall is in full swing in Denver, so it’s definitely the perfect time for some fierce boots! I’ve gone a tad bit crazy this season and bought a ton of booties. Hey…I can never have enough shoes in my closet, right?

Every girl needs at least one pair of booties. I used to think boots were too basic (yes, this was during my hipster phase). Now, I seriously can’t imagine my closet without at least one pair. Booties have become my go-to shoes for everything in my life.

Looking for some chic boots to rock all season long? Search no further, girl! Here are some of my picks for essential booties:

  1. Black booties – Black boots are a MUST just like a cute LBD or a kick ass pair of jeans. I mean, black boots go with everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). So you definitely need at least a pair of these! And if you’re like me and you love a pointed toe, nothing looks more badass and stylish than a black pointed toe boot.
  2. Patterned booties – Alright so I really love anything extra, so I had to pick up some patterned boots this season. They may not be for everyone. Maybe you have a more simplistic way of dressing, but hey…it never hurts to even try a subtle pattern. I’ve been seriously crushing on my checked and snakeskin booties this season…they just scream fall to me!
  3. Booties in a fun color – This one, I feel, is definitely more optional. You can stick with the two above options and maybe throw in a gray pair. But if you want to add some color to your shoe collection, look for some fun colors to try. I love my berry booties SO MUCH, and I’m already looking at some other fun colors (like this super chic pair from Nasty Gal).

No matter what kind of booties you decide to get, here’s my two cents: get as many as humanly possible! They’re the ultimate fall shoe and I guarantee you’ll be flooded with compliments.

Here are some of my favorite spots to pick up some new booties:

  • Aldo Shoes (a little hard on the wallet, but so worth it)
  • Nasty Gal (as if I haven’t talked about NG enough in this post)
  • Qupid Shoes (I have so many from Qupid now, it’s not even funny)
  • Target (easy on your budget and some classic styles for everyone)

Happy boots shopping!

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Treat Yo Self, Girl!

“Treat. Yo. Self.”

– Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation

Who else can’t get enough of Parks and Recreation? Everything about this show is flawless, but one of my absolute favorite things is Tom and Donna’s annual Treat Yo Self day.

So ok, let’s say you’ve never seen or heard of the show (ummm ARE YOU CRAZY?) Let me quickly explain what treating yo self means…anything you want it to be! Whether you love bubble baths and face masks or just going to a baseball game and pigging out, a Treat Yo Self day is about YOU. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to. You can make it a whole day of free activities and still feel refreshed!

So why take time to treat yo self? I take one day a week to treat myself to relieve stress and feel good about myself. There’s nothing better than doing something I love after a long week. Everyone will have a different reason for a Treat Yo Self day, so whatever that is, do it! You’ll feel renewed and happy you did it!

Not sure what to do for a Treat Yo Self day? Some of my favorite free ideas are:

  1. Take a nice long bath with candles (and a glass of wine, if you’re into that)
  2. Throw on a face mask
  3. Do a little yoga
  4. Make a cup of green tea and watch something funny (maybe one of the treat yo self episodes of Parks and Rec)
  5. Girl, put your records on and crank up the tunes

If you’re willing to spend some dough:

  1. Take yourself shopping and buy that dress, jacket, top, etc. that you’ve been eyeing for months
  2. Go buy yourself some comfort food or a coffee
  3. Catch a movie you’ve been dying to see
  4. Get a fresh haircut, color or blowout
  5. Buy some fresh flowers for yourself

No matter how you treat yo self, remember it’s about being kind to yourself. So pamper yourself like the queen you are!

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