Packing for a Quick Getaway Trip

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller


Anyone else wanting to leave winter behind for even just a quick getaway? I know I’ve already started planning a couple trips myself. In fact, I’m leaving for a short weekend in San Antonio in a few days AND I’ll be in LA for a few days in a couple weeks for work. So I’m SUPER ready to leave the coldness of Colorado behind, even just for a few days.

If you’re like me and you have a ton of crap, you’ll know how hard it is to pack lightly for a quick getaway trip. I’m definitely still learning how to keep it simple for short trips (who else has a hell of a time narrowing down what shoes to bring). I thought I would throw out some tips for you so you’ll be set for your next trip.

Invest in packing cubes

Ok I’ve been wanting to get these for a long time but still haven’t. I’ve heard packing cubes are a great way to compress all your clothes and leave space for other essentials. Plus they keep your clothes wrinkle free, which is pretty awesome. There are so many different sizes out there too, so you can find some that will fit your needs. I know I’m definitely considering getting some for my upcoming trips. Check out these packing cubes:



Bed Bath & Beyond

Stick to a maximum of three pairs of shoes

This one honestly hurt to even write because I’m such a shoe addict! But there’s no sense in taking up the entire suitcase with shoes. I try to bring three pairs of shoes that will go with everything I’ve packed. And even though it may be a quick getaway, I try to bring a nice pair of shoes for going out in. But most of the shoes I pack tend to be more practical ones. Depending on the weather, I try to bring one pair of tennis shoes (with a little sparkle, of course), a pair of flats and then a nicer pair like some fab booties.

Find a lightweight makeup bag for all your beauty products

I’ve been through God knows how many makeup bags for traveling. Luckily for me, I’ve got quite the collection of drawstring bags from when I was a Sephora Play subscriber so those tend to be my go to when I travel. If you don’t have any drawstring bags, I would recommend finding one because they’re really lightweight and easy to throw all your beauty products into. And I tend to pack a lot of makeup and skincare (yes, even on a quick getaway) so these bags are great because they hold A LOT.

Don’t bring your entire purse collection

This one is also hard for me to remember but when you’re going on a really quick getaway, you need to stick to the essentials. I usually will only pack either 1-2 crossbody bags or just one large purse. The crossbody bags are so easy because they’re not bulky and they can be packed really easily. But sometimes I prefer using a large purse only so I can pack smaller things that don’t fit in the suitcase. And I try to stick with purses that will go with the outfits I packed so I’m still stylish!

Get travel-sized EVERYTHING!

Seriously this will save so much room in your luggage! Before I travel anywhere, I go to Ulta or Sephora and pick up travel-sized versions of my must-have products. That way I’m not lugging around a giant bottle of shampoo or my full-sized bottle of setting spray. Need to blow dry your hair on your quick getaway? Find a travel hairdryer or if you’re staying in a hotel, stick with that. You can also go to Target or Walmart to grab some travel bottles to fill with body wash or hair products. There are so many travel-sized items now, it’s insane!

I’d love to hear some of your packing tips when you’re going on a quick getaway! Sound off down below.


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18 thoughts on “Packing for a Quick Getaway Trip”

  1. Such a great list, I tend to overpack shoes that I never wear and sometimes leave behind because they were uncomfortable, and to make room for the new items I picked up!

  2. Love this! It’s so essential to pack light when you’re going on any trip. Especially if it’s just a quick getaway. Packing cubes are a must! I mention them in my 10 things NOT to pack –> Shoes aren’t a deal breaker for me. I usually bring two pairs. Some comfy walking shoes and some flip flops. Although, I’ll mostly be in flip flops even if I’m walking far! I also love travel sized everything! It’s so worth the money to save all that space!

    Alexx |

  3. So jealous of your LA trip! I need to plan a weekend getaway even though it’s warm here in AZ. These are all such good tips, especially packing travel sized products. I’m a sucker for the travel section at Sephora!

  4. My sister got me packing cubes for my birthday and they are LIFE CHANGING! Seriously, get them asap!!

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