Why You’ll Never See My Ears Pierced

“You never really know a woman until you’ve seen her jewelry.”


So I usually don’t post personal stories on here but I thought this one would be appropriate considering how much I love jewelry. I’m sure your reaction to this post is ummmm EXCUSE me?!?!? Why aren’t your ears pierced? Usually on my Instagram, you won’t see my ears unless my hair is up, so probably a lot of you haven’t thought about this. But I get asked a lot so I thought I’d tell you all about my qualms with getting my ears pierced.

The Time I Almost Passed Out

Growing up, my mom always said she would let my big sister Ashley and I get our ears pierced when we turned 11. As a little firl, I dreamed of the day I could wear beautiful dangling earrings. I remember when Ashley turned 11 and I was so insanely jealous. She got her ears pierced at Claire’s like almost every other tween did back in the early 2000s.

I honestly can’t remember how much time passed but eventually she got an ear infection. We of course had to take her to the doctor to get it taken care of. I was still pretty young so I don’t remember much of it BUT the biggest thing I remember was catching a glimpse of Ashley’s infected ears. I am super squeamish with that kinda thing and I almost passed out. So embarrassing!

As we were leaving, my dad kept asking doctors if they had a pail for me to throw up into but they said they didn’t have anything (seriously…this is a frickin’ medical office and they weren’t prepared for this). They gave me a little tray and sent us on our way. Great story, right?

Ever since this happened, I have decided getting my ears pierced was out of the question for me.

My Fear of Needles

Alright so I know this is a common fear but after the whole ear infection fiasco, needles freaked me out even more. I can’t stand the sight of a needle, even when I’m getting a flu shot. There is no way in hell I will let a needle anywhere near my ears. No thank you!

I Wear Enough Jewelry

This must sound ridiculous to people who know me because i’m pretty extra most of the time. But even when I was little, I always preferred necklaces and bracelets to earrings. Not really sure why but I’ve always had so much fun with other jewelry. At this point, I make enough of a statement with my necklaces and bracelets that I don’t feel like I ever need to get my ears pierced.

Those are really my three biggest reasons that you won’t see my ears pierced EVER. I honestly admire people who do it because I know I never could. I also love seeing other people with awesome earrings but they’re not for me.

What is something you refuse to do or wear?


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30 thoughts on “Why You’ll Never See My Ears Pierced”

  1. Those are some realistic reasons, I love being a little extra! That’s what makes it fun! I can’t do big needles and have to turn away even when the kids are getting shots.

  2. Oh girl! Bless you! I’m wanting to get Della’s ears pierced before she can remember the pain too much!

  3. I have a friend who doesn’t have her ears pierced and she said she probably won’t get them cause she’d freak out now!

  4. Haha this story never gets old 😉 Obviously I’m not going to get my ears pierced again after that experience but I still like the look of earrings so sometimes I wear ear cuffs to add a little extra jewelry without committing to a piercing.

    1. Ha ya I would assume you’d definitely never get your ears pierced! And ya I’ve thought about getting ear cuffs

  5. While I have my ears pierced multiple times, I totally sympathize with you because my ears are sensitive to EVERYTHING – I have to be so picky with metals. There are so many cute clip-ons out there though!

  6. Very understandable! I don’t have my ears pierced either (well anymore) due to an infection when I first got them done at 11. It was horrible and I’m never going through that again! But I love them and find them beautiful, so I enjoy seeing them on other people, but it’ll stay a no for me haha.

    1. Glad I’m not alone! I’m the same way. I love looking at earrings but no way Jose will I ever get em

  7. Love your honesty! I don’t have my ears pierced either and it’s been something that I always thought was unusual! Loved hearing your reasons why!

  8. My sister doesn’t have her ears pierced either. She says it’s just never appealed to her. I absolutely hate needles but I’m covered in piercings and tattoos 😂

  9. I won’t get my ears pierced either…thought about many times because I have always had trouble finding clip on earrings that I like. They are so rare. I’d love to know any places that have cute clip ons.

    1. Ya I’ve never gotten into clip on earrings so not sure where some good spots are for them. But hopefully you can find some!

  10. To be honest, I am amazed that any woman nowadays does not have pierced ears. It looks really fashionable and whether you wear the same earrings all the time or keep changing them, most of us regard earrings as ‘the essential accessory’. Somehow, ‘clip-ons’ do not look right. However, I am biased because my parents had my ears pierced as a baby as they did with my sister. In turn and partly because it is a family tradition now, I took both my daughters to have their ears pierced when they were three months old and they love the fact that they have always been able to wear earrings while many of their friends cannot. My sister is expecting her first baby, a girl, next month, and she has told everyone, including her partner, that the new family member will also be having her ears pierced as soon as possible.

    1. Yeah I’ve heard it’s a family tradition for a lot of people but yeah my bad experience and fear of needles have kind of turned away from the idea

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