The Evolution of My Closet

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”
– Nina Dobrev

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As a little girl, I couldn’t wait until I could wear heels and rock a stylish designer purse. Like every other young girl, I played dress up and dreamed of what my life would be like as an adult. Fast forward about 15 years and here we are in my grown ass woman stage. And guess what? I can wear heels and I’ve got a plethora of designer purses in my closet. What a dream come true, right?

But having my grown-up closet didn’t just happen overnight. It took some time to figure out how I wanted the world to see me through my clothes. In high school, I tried a “queen of the hipsters” look, complete with Peter Pan collars and loafers. Of course, my personality doesn’t quite fit the bill for a hipster chick.

In college, I latched onto an almost entirely black wardrobe. But I’ve always wanted to be an approachable person, so my semi-goth phase didn’t really help that. And so after a few more years of experimenting, I found myself through fashion. For the first time ever, I didn’t have to put a label on my style…it’s just me!

What’s my closet like these days? It’s filled with some classics, lots of dresses, an ever-growing collection of heels and a few great jackets. Really all a girl like me needs in life!

Looking ahead 5-10 years from now, my wardrobe may be entirely different. But hey, that’s the fun part of style…it evolves with you!

My challenge for you today is to find a new piece for your wardrobe that expresses who you are. Be yourself and be stylin’ today, girl!

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