January Blues and How to Beat Them

“The most important thing you will ever wear is your attitude.”

–  Jeff Moore


I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2019! I have such high hopes for this year and I’m ready to kick 2019’s ass. But I will say the hardest thing about a new year is conquering those January blues. The cold weather and post-holiday hangovers can make this month seem to last forever. I REALLY don’t like winter so I tend to feel pretty down in January.

Growing up my dad would call this month the armpit of the year. Pretty fitting, don’t you think? It can be a difficult month to get through but luckily for you, I have some tips for beating the January blues.

Plan a fun trip

Get those bags packed! I always love planning trips, whether they’re a week long or just a couple days. It’s a great way to boost your mood when the weather outside is frightful. Even if the trip isn’t for a few months, you’ll have something to look forward to all month long.

Soak up some sunshine

Getting outside is one of my favorite ways to beat those pesky January blues. You can go for a quick run, a bike ride or find a new trail to hike. Granted, if it’s cold, I probably wouldn’t be caught dead outside! But still, being outdoors is a guaranteed way to start feeling better.

Call a loved one

Seriously y’all…this is a great way to keep it positive. Believe it or not, a LOT of other people are dealing with the same January blues that you are. Talking through it with someone you love will help you feel less alone and get those negative feelings out in the open. Plus hearing their voice will help you feel a thousand times better!

Write down your goals for the month

So maybe you’re not into New Year’s resolutions (if you are, feel free to check out mine for 2019). Instead, you could write down just a few goals you want to accomplish in January. It can be as simple as getting organized and finishing a book or you could get really ambitious. The sky’s the limit with your goals. I find when I create goals for myself, I forget all about the January blues.

Find a fun new hobby

It can be so easy to just sit your ass down on the couch and binge watch Friends for the millionth time (believe me, I’ve been there WAY too many times). But why not start off 2019 by discovering a new hobby? Try something that you’ve always wanted to and maybe you’ll find a new passion in life. Mental Floss has a great article with some apps for different hobbies.

It’ll be hard at first to kiss those January blues goodbye, but try one or two of these this month to boost your mood.

What do you like to do to feel better about yourself in January?


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26 thoughts on “January Blues and How to Beat Them”

  1. Love these! I know January Blues are so real! It’s too cold here for me to get some sunshine. But I’m on board with all the other ideas!

  2. What really gets me about January is that feeling of being slammed into your usual boring schedule. But with these tips, I’m sure it will all be history. Great post.

  3. These are great tips to beat the January blues!! Awesome post!! I do want to plan a trip and now is the perfect time so it gives me something to look forward to!!🖤

  4. These are great tips! I especially love the idea of finding new hobbies to try out, because it can be so easy to binge watch TV shows all winter. I’ve also been trying to do more of hobbies I used to do all the time but felt too busy for recently (playing video games, reading, etc.) and that’s been really great for me as well. Awesome post!

    Shannon | https://mindfullivingwithshannon.wordpress.com/

    1. Yes I am definitely guilty of the Netflix binge, especially in the winter. And that’s awesome, hope you can get through the winter blues.

  5. These are lovely tips! And ohmigooosh January takes sooo long to end and then February blows by like a bullet. Sigh. In my case, I’d either bask in the relaxed, post-holiday atmosphere of January or shake it all off and start doing something 🙂

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