How I Got into Running

How I Got into Running

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

– Fred Devito

Anyone who knows me well will think I’m totally joking with this post. Trust me…I’m not! My whole life, I’ve had a really fast metabolism and I’ve always been stick thin. Because I’ve always been thin, I thought for years that I really didn’t need to exercise. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to eat whatever the hell I want and I don’t really gain weight. I know it’s not that easy for many people, but I do feel fortunate in this way.

My boyfriend Adrian of 5 and a half years has always worked out. Before he left for BMT for the Air Force, he always encouraged me to work out with him. I always turned him down though because a major reason I hate the idea of working out is being judged by other people. I also just really didn’t think I needed exercise, which now I realize was not the best idea.

Now that I’m by myself while Adrian is in training, I realized quickly that I needed to do something for myself. So one day after work, I thought I’d try running. I hated the idea of it at first, but thought I might as well try something new. The first few days were SO hard…I would come home sore and exhausted. I’ve been slowly building up my endurance over the last week and while it’s still a challenge, it’s definitely the right kind of challenge! As someone who never exercises other than a daily walk, running was a huge change for me.

Even though I’m still very new to running, I’ve grown to really enjoy it. At first, I really didn’t love it but I did always feel refreshed and energetic afterward. Now I’m starting to get excited about going for a run after work. It gives me a chance to clear my mind after a day in the office and of course get outside. And of course, even my short runs are helping me be much healthier!

I’ve definitely become a more energetic person since I started running. I have also let go of my fear of being judged. I run past people all the time when I go out and now I don’t think about how I look or what these people think of me. Honestly, all that matters is that I’m doing something for ME and taking a step toward a healthier life!

And of course…I’m counting down the days until Adrian can come home again and we can go for a run together!

Oh and how could I forget the cute new workout clothes I’ve bought for myself? I had to show off this shirt cause “Cardio is hardio” is way too true!


What are your go to ways to exercise? I’d love to hear why you got into fitness!

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