Cute Christmas Outfit Ideas: Let’s Get Dressy

“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed.”

-Ann Garnett Schultz

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve worn a cute Christmas outfit on Dec. 24 and 25. Sound crazy? If you know me, then you’ll understand I pretty much always try to dress up, even if I stay home all day!

Now I know a lot of people out there love staying cozy in their pajamas on Christmas Day because…well, it’s Christmas! But why not dress up a bit and show off your killer style this year? If your family is like mine and takes lots of pictures on Christmas, then check out these really cute Christmas outfit ideas:


Velvet Dress + Tights


So I’ve already decided I’m wearing this on Christmas Eve this year because velvet is in and red is definitely my color! If you want to be trendy with your outfit, go with a velvet dress and some sheer black tights. You can go with this red one, or a green one or really whatever the hell color you want! I chose red since it’s festive but really any velvet dress and tights combo will be super cute for Christmas.


Sweater, Skirt + Tights


If you’re not super into sporting red and green on Christmas (side note: I totally am into it), go with a combo like this. The cream sweater is so perfect for this season and plaid skirts are all the rage right now. You could also add a red necklace like I did if you want a hint of Christmas colors. This look is still a dressy Christmas outfit without being too out there and you’ll still get tons of compliments!


Peplum blouse + Black pants


Not a fan of dresses or skirts? Trust me, I get it! A dress may look picture perfect but if you just want to be comfortable, pants are the way to go. I chose this top because again it’s red but it’s also more dressy than a T-shirt. You can really wear any color but I definitely recommend taking this look up a notch with a top that looks nicer than what you may typically wear. With black pants and some gold jewelry, this outfit will seriously shine in all your family Christmas pictures.

(PS: You can shop these looks and give me a follow on the Like To Know It app. Check these outfits out here)

Another idea is a Christmas sweater and a skirt with tights. Sadly I don’t have any Christmas sweaters (even though I’m the biggest Christmas fan EVER), but here are some cute options I’ve found (DISCLAIMER: I am not an affiliate with any of the below brands. I just happened to find some adorable sweaters that I wanted to share with y’all):

Loft Reindeer Sweater – a little pricey, but so worth it!

Only Merry Blingmas Sweatshirt – yes, it’s a sweatshirt but it would make for a super cute Christmas outfit

Karen Scott Christmas Santa Sweater – so I may or may not be picking this up myself since it’s under $20!

Target Oh Snap Gingerbread Ugly Sweater – this one cracks me up so I couldn’t resist adding this to the list


Now go drink some eggnog, head to your closet or the mall and pick out a cute Christmas outfit for yourself! (PS: If you’re in need of some delicious holiday treats while you shop, check out my holiday treat guide!)



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22 thoughts on “Cute Christmas Outfit Ideas: Let’s Get Dressy”

  1. Not a fan of tights but I’d wear that Peplum blouse and pants combo in a heart-beat <3. Lovely outfit ideas.

    1. I totally get that! I’m not usually a skirt or dress kinda girl so for Christmas Day I’ll probably go for the top and pants combo too

    1. Thank you! There are so many cute outfit combos you can go for on Christmas, which just makes it harder to pick just one look

  2. THOSE OUTFITS ARE SO CUTE OMG! My fave is the second one!!

    Also, Loft has the best Christmas sweaters! Absolutely worth the price because they totally last.

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