In compliance with the FTC guidelines, Roses + Rouge includes affiliate links, which I receive a small commission from if you click the link.

I am a participant in the following affiliate programs:

  • FabFitFun
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  • SiteGround
  • Beauty Chews
  • VII Code

Pages on this site may include affiliate links to these programs and I will make a referral commission.

What is an Affiliate Link?
While not all links on Roses + Rouge are for affiliate programs, you will see many that are. For each affiliate program I am a part of, a special tracking code may allow me to make a little dough when you decide to buy a product from one of my links. The price of that product won’t change whether you buy with my affiliate link or not. Think of it as a way to support Roses + Rouge!

Sometimes I may post a link and provide a discount code with it. I may still receive an affiliate commission and then the price may be less for you by using my discount code.

But let’s keep things simple: if you see a link on Roses + Rouge from one of my affiliate programs, assume it is an affiliate link and I may make a commission from your purchase.

I do have a resources page filled with products I think you’ll love, so if you’d like to support me (and again, understand all the above conditions), feel free to check it out!

What is my mission for affiliate programs?

When I started Roses + Rouge, I didn’t know squat about affiliate marketing and how it helps bloggers like me. Quickly I learned about how awesome it really is. My mission for these efforts is to provide my amazing followers with great products that I love and I think they’ll love too!

Once I decided to become a brand affiliate, I had to consider what brands I wanted to work with. Typically, I go for fashion and beauty brands that I know I would shop at. For beauty brands, I prefer cruelty free because I care  about keeping animals safe. There are a couple brands I may work with, though, that are not cruelty free because they are based in China. But hey I think it’s important to work with brands that are working to become cruelty free. For fashion brands, I pick brands that I feel good about when I wear their products. Because I always want to feel my best!